MyBabbo Began from a Place of Care, Compassion, and Creativity in a time of grief

A Love Story
Born from Grief

Our story began in 2005 with the passing of Mirco’s beloved Babbo, Gino Rossetti. In Italian culture, Babbo is a term of endearment for ‘Dad.’

One year later, when our first child was born, the grieving process really hit Mirco, and the realization that our children would never get to meet his Dad set in. At this time of grief, Tracy created a scrapbook filled with photos that told stories and would keep Babbo’s memory alive.

Three years later, in 2008, Tracy’s 19-year-old cousin, Nick Van Dyk, tragically passed away from childhood cancer. Once again, out of grief and pain, she decided to create a photo book of Nick’s life. The family found comfort when looking through Nick’s photo book and sharing his life story with others. This became an invaluable keepsake, and 23 more copies were requested.

In 2011, we launched MyBabbo, and creating memorial keepsakes has become our passion!

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How Can you FORGET someone,

who gave you so much to REMEMBER?

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