Life Led me Down this Road.
I had a Desire to do Meaningful Work with a Family-First Lifestyle.

Our History


Tracy’s father-in-law
“Babbo ”passes away on Aug 28th.

Tracy & Mirco's first child, Maya, is born.


Tracy creates a scrapbook for Mirco's first Father's Day to pay tribute to Babbo and assist him on his grief journey.

Tracy & Mirco's second child, Jack, is born.

Tracy's cousin Nick passes away
on July 29th.


Tracy and her family organize “Toss’em Up for Childhood Cancer ”fundraiser in June in memory of her cousin Nick. She presents a photo book filled with photos and stories of Nick to her Aunt & Uncle at the opening ceremonies. Afterwards 23 people request copies. 50 new referrals for photo books from others follow.

Tracy approaches Longworth (now named Brock & Visser) Funeral Home with the idea of photo books for families they serve. They like the concept and work with her on it for the following 8 months to build a process that would work for funeral homes.

A good friend Jen Krishnan helps design all the original photo books for free as she believes in the concept. MyBabbo goes on to hire Jen :).


Launches www.mybabbo.com as a sole proprietorship in April as a “we do it for you” photo book business.

MyBabbo attends its first Funeral Home tradeshow.

MyBabbo adds Video Tributes to its portfolio.


MyBabbo launches its Ivy Mission to build meaningful employment that puts families first.

Tracy is selected as one of the Top 10 SheEOs in Canada and is part of their first cohort receiving mentorship and networking opportunities.

MyBabbo adds Stationery Design Files to its portfolio.


Tracy hires her husband Mirco in January to join the company.

MyBabbo is a Telus Competition Finalist receiving PR, $10,000 in services and $10,000 grant.

MyBabbo partners with Dr. Bill Webster & The Center for the Grief Journey.

MyBabbo incorporates in June and starts white labeling stationery products.

Creates the Tribute Creator software and white labels to Dodge Chemical Company gaining national presence in the funeral home market.


Tracy & Mirco move operations out of their home and get new office space in Bloor West Village in Toronto, Ontario.

MyBabbo invests for growth and adds an e-commerce platform (Share Sites) to their portfolio and a French API for the Quebec market.


MyBabbo launches 50 new Personalized Stationery Designs.

COVID hits!  Year of survival and pivots. Launches 3 side hustles to survive;

  1. A PPE business
  2. Caputure-life.ca a school graduation site
  3. MyBabbolifestories.com a D2C memorial gifting site

MyBabbo connects to the HalTech Innovation Centre and meets Business Coach Pete.

Selected to attend the Trade Accelerator Program at the World Trade Center, a program that helps businesses scale into new markets.

MyBabbo invests in growth plan for U.S. expansion. We attend our first NFDA tradeshow in Baltimore.


Team is growing including hiring a Head of Operations.

MyBabbo invests in new game-changer technology


How can you forget someone,

who gave you so much to remember?

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