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Until today I was unaware of MYBABBO.com. I was so very moved by what your company creates that I can’t let the day end without providing you with the following feedback.

I am a school social worker at the TCDSB. This morning in response to the sudden death of a father last week, a colleague and I attended the home of his bereaved wife and their two young children to express our condolences and to offer our support. During the course of the morning the mother showed us a beautiful memory box that friends had given her and her children to store precious keepsakes. In that box was the most beautiful photographic tribute I have ever seen.

My colleague and I looked at each photo carefully. It allowed us to help the mother tell us not only about the death and the trauma of the death but also about what is most important: her husband’s beautiful precious life.

Without what your company created that most important critical crucial priceless sharing would most definitely not have been possible.

We had never met this young father but through the book created by your team, it was as though we had an opportunity to come to know him and his life and his role and his legacy as a loving father and husband and son and brother and friend too many. It is hard to express how beautiful and moving the experience was. Without the book and the images and the carefully chosen words, this man would have remained just a name or just a photograph or two in the living room.

Instead what happened is that this woman was able to share the love of her life with us as well as all the pain she is going through during this most challenging of times. This is to let you know of the depth of soul that your creations reach.

By my colleague and I having had this unique opportunity to somehow build a rapport with this father now gone, it feels as though we somehow know him and his soul. In knowing his soul, it will be that much “easier” in a way to support this mother as she travels the course of her grief supporting her children along the way.
It was as though he was in the room with us.

When their little boy came home from school, one of the first things he did was to go and look at “daddy’s book”. It is a sight that I will never forget of pure comfort and joy during a time of such deep pain. Please know that you and your team are doing amazing work Tracy to help loved ones heal through remembering and being with the heart and soul and cherished memories left behind by those departed before us. I have looked over your beautifully designed website and just signed up to create a book.

I look forward to connecting with your amazing team and the most precious and compassionate of philosophies of business.
With love and thanks,

Social worker at the TCDSB

Love from our Funeral Home Partners and their Families

Makes Our Lives Easier!
"To have MyBabbo create these keepsakes for us, gives us the time to focus on our family’s needs. Their process is easy, and their products are high quality and professional looking that we are proud to put our name on."
Jimmy Cardinal
Cardinal Funeral Homes
Easy Process & Beautiful Products
"I am so happy that Springfield Funeral Home partnered with MyBabbo for the creation of video tributes and photobooks. Families always say that the video is so beautiful, and that it captured the essence of their loved one so perfectly. The video tributes and photobooks are of exceptional quality. I have also had MyBabbo create a photobook of personal vacation photos. It is a treasured reminder of a fabulous family trip. I highly recommend partnering with them as they provide exceptional customer service and make providing a quality product easy and efficient.

Wishing you continued success!"
Connie Kimmich
Springfield Funeral Home
Difference Makers
"MyBabbo products are great, but another thing that really stands out to me is their dedication to people and building community. I love all the charitable work they do and how they employ moms and the handicapped. They have a strong moral compass and it is a delight to work with their team."
Edward Debassige
Bernardo Funeral Homes
A Valued Partner
"We are excited to partner with MyBabbo to provide the families we serve with meaningful tributes that are of the highest quality. Their customer service is second to none. They understand how important these items are for families and go the extra mile to ensure they are exactly as the family envisioned. Tracy and the whole MyBabbo team are passionate about what they do and are continually thinking of new ways to help families honour their loved ones."
Kelsi Palmer
Speers Funeral Home
Time Saver!
"Using MyBabbo’s service saves us so much time. It is fast, easy to use and the quality is always wonderful."
Lindsey Karpowicz
Ridley Funeral Home
Excels At Customer Service
"MyBabbo customer service is always positive and up lifting. All team members are amazing and accommodating even when we need something changed at the final hour."

Thank you!

Carla Edgar
Ogden Funeral Home

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