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Create a Smile Foundation in Partnership with Community Living

The ‘Create A Smile’ Foundation began in 2004, driven by a need that hit close to home. Tracy’s sister, Carrie-Anne, had to remove her teeth due to their deterioration from the medication she had been on for her disability. Government funding was not available to support new dentures or implants, as teeth were not seen as a necessity. So Tracy, Mirco, and their family were determined to resolve the situation and buy back a “smile” for their sister.

‘Create A Smile’ 5km walk/run in the Stratford community was organized, and over $10,000 was raised that day. They realized that day the power of community at work and that they should be using their skill set to give back. The Rossetti’s have continued this event ever since and, to date, have raised over $250,000 for Community Living St. Mary’s and Area. 100% of the money raised at this event goes to Community Living to support their mission of improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Not only has this event generated significant financial resources, but it has also reminded us of the power of healthy communities and how far a simple smile can go.

Toss ‘em Up For Childhood Cancer

If you have never played Ring Toss (AKA Texas Horseshoes), you haven’t fully experienced living. This simple game offers competition, community, and, who would have guessed, over $800,000 raised to date for research and improving the lives of those impacted by childhood cancer.

Founded in 2009, the Rossetti’s played an instrumental role in the idea and launch of an annual ‘Toss ’em Up for Childhood Cancer’ ring toss tournaments in the Woodstock and Seaforth communities in memory of their cousin Nick Van Dyk. It was at this first event that birthed the beginnings of MyBabbo. Tracy created a photo book for her family to honor, celebrate, and remember Nick’s life and presented it at the opening ceremonies. After the event, 23 copies were ordered of Nick’s book, which led to over 50 referrals in the following months, eventually leading to the birth of the MyBabbo business. You just never know where your story will lead. This annual event takes place on the first Saturday of June each year and sells out, with over 500 people participating in the festivities.

National Kids Cancer Ride

Did you know that childhood cancer is totally different from adult cancer and, therefore, requires different research? That childhood cancer receives only 3% of all the cancer research investment in Canada? These stats, the stories, and families Tracy met through their annual Toss’ em Up for Childhood Cancer events inspired her to do more for kids with cancer and their families.

In 2016, Tracy cycled across Canada over the month of September to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. Alongside 12 other cyclists, they peddled their way from Vancouver to Halifax in 17 days, covering approximately 3000 km. They stopped at local communities and several children’s hospitals across the country to meet childhood cancer survivors and their families and raise a ton of money to improve the quality of life for children and their families living with and beyond cancer.

It was one of the best experiences of Tracy’s life. She rode in memory of her cousin Nick Van Dyk and was fortunate to share this experience with her cousin, Nick’s sister, Laura, and her husband, Stephen, as well as her mom, Mary, and Aunt Margie, who traveled alongside the cyclists in a support role. Many of Tracy’s friends and relatives joined in this experience, including Jodi Rison, the long-time head of MyBabbo Customer Service, and cycled from Ontario to Quebec.

Kids in Crisis Orphanage in Guinea, West Africa

At MyBabbo, we are passionate about helping serve those burdened by the injustices of poverty throughout the world. We are honored to support the ‘Kids in Crisis’ Centre since 2010, which is an orphanage located in Guinea, West Africa, that helps children affected by AIDS, orphaned and abandoned. Specifically, it provides medical aid, nutrition, education, and, in many cases, full-time shelter and care for these children. In 2011, Mirco visited the orphanage and lived alongside these children. Then, in 2016, one of our team members, Kati Fluit, went to serve at the orphanage.

Mentoring & Supporting Women in Business

Tracy believes in women helping other women, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. She has greatly benefitted from the mentorship, network, and support of other women business leaders, and to this day, is very thankful.

Learn more about some of the organizations that have shaped MyBabbo's journey to date.

Canadian Olympic Athletes

Both Tracy and her daughter Maya are proud to be part of the CAN Fund #150Women which is a group of women in Canada supporting Canadian female Olympic athletes.

To learn more or join CAN Fund #150 Women click on the logo below.

Stories That Help Build A Community & Give Back!

If you have a story of your work in the community, we would LOVE to celebrate it and can create a photo book or video tribute to help you share this important work.

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