What Kind of Super Bowl Experience Do You Provide Your Clients?

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I am a highly competitive person. I have yet to meet a challenge I didn’t want to crush. And the Super Bowl fuels me with all of the competitive energy I thrive on. (I still can’t believe the final minutes of the Chiefs vs. Bills game.) While the big game is important - because well, it is the big game - it is also widely known for the great viewing parties people throw to watch it.

I was thinking about how different a Super Bowl party thrown by my husband Mirco would look compared to one thrown by me. Here is a summary of the parties each of us would throw.

Tracy’s Super Bowl Party

  • Printed invitations go out as soon as the teams are decided.
  • Napkins, balloons, tablecloths all coordinated to match the team we are rooting for.
  • Football themed cupcakes ordered from the local bakery.
  • Meal plan created and executed to reflect the event and ensure there is something for everyone - wings, nachos, chili, pizza, cheese board, veggie tray.
  • Inspirational quotes posted around the tv room.
  • Bar set up with multiple themed drink options.
  • Mini challenge games ready to execute throughout the night.
  • Mirco’s Super Bowl Party

  • Invites guests by quick text the day before the game.
  • Everyone shows up with pizza and beer. Or the same bag of chips and beer.
  • I think we can agree that no matter who threw the party, the guests would have had a good time and will probably all come back next year.  We can think of our party guests like our customers: we want to offer them the best of us and have them come back over and over again. People have a lot of choices these days. It is important that we not get complacent in the service we offer our customers.

    The attention to detail and personalization and the feeling those details create is the biggest difference in a great party and in great service. Today’s customers are looking for an experience and we can provide this experience through many of the tools and products we already have. Customers will remember the experience they had with you.

    What can you do to elevate the experience you provide?

  • Make sure you know your customer. One size does not fit all. Pay attention to what they tell you and adjust your service to their needs.
  • Think about what you have been doing for a long time that might need to be changed up or elevated.
  • Consider outsourcing to other companies to provide the extra touches. (Like MyBabbo!)
  • Get creative!

    Be connected!

    The little details you provide your customers are what will make you stand out. These details will make your customers want to come back to you and recommend you to their friends. Sell the experience of your service or product and be prepared for a lot more people at your party!

    What are your Super Bowl plans? How do you create an experience for your customers? Tell us in the comments!

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