The Power of Sharing Our Stories

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How a Polaroid t-shirt stole everyone’s heart

Our tagline at MyBabbo is Every Story Matters. Every now and then, something unexpected happens in my life and my belief in people, my plan and my path is reaffirmed. I recently travelled to Gaitlanburg, Tennessee to attend the SCCFA Annual Convention. And while I thought the outcome of the conference was to make new business connections, what I came away with was an encounter I will treasure forever and a story that allowed me to make amazing connections with all kinds of people at the convention.

Here is that story.

I arrived in Tennessee on the Saturday night before the start of the conference. On my way from the airport to my hotel, I stopped at a multitude of various Goodwill and second hand stores desperately trying to find a 90s outfit for the themed event the conference was hosting to celebrate its 90th anniversary. I was specifically on the hunt for a Poloroid t-shirt - we are a photo company after all.

After several stops with no luck I was beginning to lose hope. Even Amazon wasn’t going to be able to come through for me. I made one final stop at Walmart for a few items (including a Polaroid camera as a giveaway gift) for the conference before hitting the hotel. And there, in the basket aisle (for said Polaroid camera), was a man wearing the EXACT t-shirt I had been searching for. I practically threw myself at him, ‘Where did you get that t-shirt?!’

In a true showing of Southern hospitality and charm, he literally gave me the t-shirt off his back. And you had better believe I captured the moment with a photo.

I connected with so many people at the conference by sharing this story. Stories connect us and stories, photos and connections are at the heart of the funeral care profession. By encouraging families to share the stories of their loved one, you are helping to form a deeper connection with them. Everyone has a story to tell; they sometimes just need the space or encouragement to share it.

I hope you enjoy this photo. It brings me so much joy. Photos help us tell our stories. Let MyBabbo help you tell yours.

For ideas on how to help your families tell their stories, check out this helpful resource from Coldspring

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