The Importance of Tribute Photo Books and How Funeral Directors Can Help Families Create One in 3 Easy Steps

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Are you making the experience of the families you support a personal one? Are you leaving them with something they can take with them to capture the life of their lost loved one? Tribute photo books are a way to offer a personal touch that will leave your families with something they can cherish.

Tribute photo books are a timely and meaningful way to honour the life of a loved one’s passing. Providing families with this special keepsake at the time of the funeral is a gesture that will have a lasting impact on the families you serve. MyBabbo is here to help you provide that impact during a family's time of need. You can look at an example of one of our tribute books here.

We know from the funeral homes we serve, that offering tribute photo books to families provides these core benefits:

1. Everyone wants personalization. Photo books allow families to celebrate their loved one’s legacy by sharing their story. We know you are always looking for ways to form deeper connections with the families you serve and offering photo books are a meaningful way to connect more deeply while offering the personalization customers are looking for.

2. Photo books extend your care and compassion after the service. These keepsakes are not tucked away in a drawer or closet. Photo books are kept close by and shared for many days, months and years after the service. And because you gave them this special gift, the gratitude for the peace it gives families comes back to you.

3. You help assist on the grief journey. The sharing and recording of memories and stories helps people on their grief journey by giving them a chance to honour and remember their loved one with something they can touch.

MyBabbo’s tribute photo books are a curated collection of photos, accomplishments and stories of a person’s life. Our photo tribute books offer comfort to those who have suffered loss and a sense of legacy that honours a life lost.

It's this Simple to create a tribute photo book. 3 easy steps:

1. Set up an account with MyBabbo

2. Collect/upload photos and memories of the loved one

3. Upload to your account and let MyBabbo do the rest!

Our tribute photo books can be ready and shipped to you within 2-5 days. We are here to support you through the whole process.

MyBabbo is a team of graphic designers, storytellers, and, above all, caring and compassionate people who partner with funeral homes to create photo books and other personalised products and services for the families they serve.

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